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How to Transfer Video from iPhone to iPad with Ease

Posted by Aimee , Nov 13, 2019

"I borrowed a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 from a friend. I used this handheld stabilizer to take a lot of vacation videos. At the time, I used the DJI Go app on the iPhone to record video. Now I am planning to edit the video on the iPad with the DJI Go app. Is there an easy way to transfer video from the iPhone to the iPad? I hope someone can give me an answer as soon as possible. Thank you! "
iPad has a larger screen size. Therefore, most people prefer to enjoy and edit videos with the iPad. If you plan to watch the iPhone video on the iPad, what can you do to achieve it? This is a problem that users who have several iOS devices are likely to encounter. Is there an easy way to copy videos from iPhone to iPad? If you don't want to spend too much time searching for this answer, you can refer to the method recommended in this article.

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Part 1: The Easiest Way to Transfer Video from iPhone to iPad

When you need to move videos from iPhone to iPad, you need a reliable method. MobiTrans Transfer is a good choice. Compared to iTunes, it can transfer data between different iOS devices with one click. Break through the limitations of iTunes. Graphical interface for easy data transfer.
1. Download and install the data transfer software before proceeding. After running the software, click the transfer mode of "Phone to Phone Transfer".

MobiTrans Transfer

2. After entering the data transfer mode, connect the iPhone and iPad to the USB port of the computer. iPhone as a Source. iPad as a Destination. If the location is wrong, you can change the location of both by clicking "Flip".
3. Select "Video" in the middle selection box and click the "Start Copy" button to sync the video.

Video from iPhone to iPad

Part 2: Moving videos from iPhone to iPad via AirDrop

In addition to synchronizing data through the data transfer tool and iTunes, you can also choose to transfer data via Wi-Fi. To transfer data over Wi-Fi, you need to use AirDrop. With this feature, you must make sure you have a stable network environment. At the same time, AirDrop is more suitable for small videos. If the number of videos is large, then using AirDrop for data transmission will be more torturous.
1. Open the Wi-Fi option for both iPhone and iPad. In the same Wi-Fi environment, open "AirDrop" in the "Control Center".

Moving videos from iPhone to iPad

2. After selecting "Contact Only" or "Everyone", you can choose the target video in Photos or other applications.
3. Tap the "Share" option on your iPhone. And click on the "Accept"  button on the iPad. This will copy the video from the iPhone to the iPad.
Since iTunes is a relatively common method of data transmission, we do not introduce too much. Here, we recommend using the above two methods to synchronize the video.

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Video from iPhone to iPad

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