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Privacy Policy

We take privacy seriously

RecoveryTool puts priority on your information security and your privacy.
All of the information you provide requested by our website or software are confidential – we will not collect any personally identifiable information from you or reveal any personal details. We may share your information only with those who abide by RecoveryTool's privacy policy and be committed to protecting users’ privacy.
We reiterate that we are totally opposed to stealing privacy information and doing harm to information security of users as well.

What we collect

Information including your full name, contact information, credit card number and credit card expiration date are required when you register or buy products on our website. The information will be collected only for registration or payment.

What we do with the customer's information we gather

Rest assured that all customers' information is protected by a third-party credit card processor which will encrypt all information and then send information to us. This way can protect your personal information to a great extent.

About Cookies

When browsing web pages, you will leave traces of where you were browsing. We use "coolies" to track user' browsing. Why do we use coolie? And is it illegal? Here, we promise our website will never send the information we collect from users to advertiser or any other institution. Through cookies, we can count the number of daily visitors and know which part of our website is frequently visited, which can help us improve our website according to the needs of visitors and our customers. We just use the information for statistical analysis and after that; these data will be removed permanently. Cookies can merely read by our staff and please rest assured that it will never deliver viruses. You can also delete cookies, but if do so, you may not enjoy full services.

Anti-malware statement

We strongly oppose any forms of malware and we state that all of our products do not carry or bundle with any third-party application (spyware, adware, malware, etc.) that would divulge your personal information and jeopardize the customers' privacy information. All our applications pass tests of Kaspersky and Rising vigorous anti-virus/malware before public release.

Update privacy policy

RECOVER TOOL may update the policy on this page to improve our quality of services. You can check this page regularly to ensure that you are satisfied with any change. This policy is effective from 30.03.2015.


Please send any questions or comments on our privacy practices to support@recovery-tool.com

Contact Us
If you encounter problems while using our products, feel free to email us. RecoveryTool support team will send you feedback in less than 24 hours.
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