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Add Watermark to Video

How to Add Watermark to Video in 2 Methods

Posted by Aimee , Sep 14, 2020

"I often upload videos I have taken to YouTube, NetFlix, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Hulu and other video sites. Recently I wanted to add watermark images and text to my videos. I downloaded the VLC player from CNET, but It doesn't work. I'm looking for more solutions. My requirements are not high. I just want to add basic watermark images and text to the video. And the generated video doesn't turn into a big file. It doesn't need to be too complicated. Who can provide an easy way?"
Adding a watermark to your images and videos prevents others from stealing your work. Help protect personal copyright and brand promotion. Many people know that adding images and text watermarks to photo is not difficult. So adding text and image watermarks to the video is also very simple? This answer is obviously not. Adding watermarks to video is much more complicated than adding watermarks to pictures, so you need a professional watermark tool. Now let us know how to add a watermark to the video.

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Part 1: Add a watermark to the video via video watermark software

Just like what we said above. If you need to put the logo icon and watermark in a specific location on the video, then RecoveryTool Video Editor will be a good choice. You can download it for free. Then follow the steps below.
1. Download and install the watermark software. Then run the watermark adding program.
2. Click "Add File" to import the video file into the video editing tool. Then tap the "Edit" icon in the lower right corner of the video thumbnail.

Add Watermark

3. Select "Watermark", and then add watermark according to the prompts on the software interface. Click the "OK" button to enter the next step.
4. Adjust the output video file format and storage location. Tap "Convert All" to save the video file.

Add Watermark to Video

Obviously, this method will be much better than adding watermarks online. And you can convert your video to other formats by this editing software. This allows you to play on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and more.

Part 2: Adding a video watermark using other methods

If you are a Windows user, you can also use Windows Movie Maker to put a watermark on videos.
1. If Windows Movie Maker is already installed on your Windows system, you can start and run it.

Windows Movie Maker

2. Import the video into this tool.
3. Drag the timeline of the video. Then click "Edit" > "Title and Credits" > "Title on the selected clip".
4. Enter the text as the content of the watermark.
5. The size of the watermark can be adjusted via the "Subtitles" option in "Change the Title Animation".
6. After previewing the watermark, you can click on “Add Title” to add the watermark to the video. Once the video preview is ok, you can save the video to your computer by clicking on "Publish Movie".
Using Windows Movie Maker to add watermarks to your videos can be cumbersome. It is not the best choice.

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Add Watermark to Video

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