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Convert MP4 to MP3

How to Convert MP4 to MP3

Posted by Aimee , Apr 06, 2021

"I downloaded a lot of tracks in MP4 format. In order to put them on older players, these songs need to be converted to MP3 format. So I spent a lot of time researching how to convert them. I resisted using paid services. Any other better suggestions?
The extension of MPEG-4 Part 14 is .mp4, which is most commonly used to store video and audio. The MP3 file is a digital audio coding format. The biggest difference between the two is that the MP3 format can only be used to store audio. When you need to convert MP4 files to MP3, you can read this article. This user guide summarizes some effective tips for converting MP4 to MP3 format.

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Common audio format conversion solutions

1. Check if Windows Media Player is installed on the computer.
2. Run Windows Media Player. Then find the "File" item in the program control panel.
3. Then click "Open..." in the drop-down menu. Locate the MP4 file you need to convert.
4. After opening the MP4 file in Windows Media Player, tap "File" in the software interface again.
5. Then click "Save as...". Change .mp4 to .mp3 in the dialog box.
6. Click "Save" to convert MP4 to MP3.
Tip: This method is only applicable to Windows computers and cannot convert multiple MP4 videos at the same time.

Convert MP4 to MP3 via iTunes

For those music videos stored in the iTunes library, you can follow these steps to convert them to MP3 on iTunes.
1. Launch iTunes. Click "Music", and then click "Library" to select the MP4 video that needs to be converted.
2. Tap the "Files" item in the upper right corner.
3. Click "Convert" in the drop-down menu, and then go to "Create MP3 Version".
4. After converting MP4 to MP3, you can search for the converted MP3 in iTunes.

Use a professional video converter to convert MP4 to MP3

If you want to get higher quality MP3 files, then you can try some powerful video conversion tools. RecoveryTool Video Editor is one of the recommended converters, which can convert any video and audio into various formats.
1. Install this video converter on your computer, and then run it.
2. After clicking "Add Files", you will be able to import the MP4 video you want to convert.

Add Files

Tip: With the help of this video conversion tool, you can import multiple different MP4 videos at once for batch conversion.
3. Tap the drop-down button to the right of "Convert All to".
4. Click "MP3" from "Audio", and then you will be able to select one of the audio conversion quality.

Audio Conversion

5. Tap the "Convert All" button to complete the conversion of the video file.

Convert All

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Convert MP4 to MP3

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