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How to Edit Videos for YouTube Easily

Posted by Aimee , Sep 14, 2020

Everyone can share videos freely on YouTube, but not everyone knows how to make a video. Therefore, the quality of the video is usually not high. In order to create high quality YouTube videos, we usually need to use these features: delete or add pictures/music to video, add effects, adjust video size and more. Do you know how to edit a YouTube video?

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Part 1: Using the YouTube Video Editor

The YouTube video editor, launched in 2010, allows users to edit online videos. You can access the page by clicking "Upload". Then just select the "Edit" option to start editing the video. Typically, you can adjust the length of the video by dragging the timeline to the left or right of the video. For more video effects, you can click "Cut/Split Video", "Change Video Settings", "Add Filter" and "Add Text to Video" and more.

YouTube Video Editor

Part 2: Efficient editing of YouTube video tools

To quickly edit your video, the RecoveryTool Video Editor is a great choice. Of course you can also use other tools to edit YouTube videos.
This software provides features below :
Quickly convert videos to more than 1,000 other formats.
Various filter effects can be added.
Audio tracks and subtitles also support modification.
Create 3D effects or make a video as GIF.
"Cutting" video: Here you can delete and keep the parts you want.
"Settings" the size and resolution of the video.
Adjust the "effect": brightness, speed, volume, contrast...
Add "watermark" and "subtitle".
To use it, you'll need to download it, install it, add the video you want to edit on the tool's interface and make the video version you want.

Youtube Video Editor

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Edit YouTube Videos

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