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Remove Audio from Video

How to Remove Audio from Video

Posted by Aimee , Jun 15, 2021

"I tried to add audio to the video with WLMM. After saving it as a .wmv file, I found that the video added the wrong music. How can I delete the wrongly added audio so that I can add back the correct music? I think it is not difficult, but I have spent more than an hour on this. Please help..."
Creating the perfect video is a challenge. Noise or other background sounds will destroy the harmony of the video screen. At this time you will hope that the audio can be separated from the video file. You can add a suitable soundtrack or voice-over after deleting other annoying sounds. How can I remove the audio? RecoveryTool Video Editor can flexibly edit the audio in the video. Continue reading this article and you will be able to learn how to use this video editing software to add audio freely.

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1. Download and install this video solution from the RecoveryTool website.
2. Start this video editing program.
3. Click the "Add Files" button in the next interface to add the target video file.

Add Files

4. Select one of the audio processing options in the drop-down menu below the video file format prompt. Click "Audio Track Disabled", this function will help you remove the audio track. Or tap "Add Audio Track" to add audio files.

5. After completing the required operations, you can click the "Convert All" button to save the video.

In addition to removing or adding audio, you can also use this video software to edit or convert video files.

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Remove Audio from Video

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