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Rotate a Video on PC

How to Rotate Video Files on Computer

Posted by Aimee , Sep 14, 2020

"I took a video with a digital camera. After uploading the video to my computer, I found that the angle of the video was not correct. This video is very important to me. It records an important moment in our family. I want to be able to rotate the video back to the correct angle without affecting the video's equalness or size. Is there such a way?"
Many people are angled upside down when shooting video. After uploading the video to your computer, you find that the video is upside down. In these similar situations, you can rotate the video and return to the correct direction by the following methods.

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Part 1: Rotating the video with a professional video rotator

If you need a video rotator, then RecoveryTool Video Editor is one of the professional tools. It is the preferred solution for video rotation. Of course, there are other more professional programs. However, because the software is relatively easy to use, we still recommend it. The following is a brief introduction to the operation process.
1. Just download and install the video rotator.
2. To run the tool, double-click the icon of the software.
3. Drag and drop the video into the software, click "Edit" and select the "Rotate & Crop" function.

RecoveryTool Video Editor

4. Find "Rotation" to select the rotation method.
5. After editing the video, tap the "OK" button. Select the file format you want to output and click "Convert All" to get the edited video.

Rotate Videos On PC

Part 2: Rotating Video Files with Windows Movie Maker

Someone may ask a question. Does Windows Movie Maker that comes with the computer solve this problem? Yes, Windows Movie Maker can solve this problem. But it can only solve the rotation problem of some videos.
1. Click the "Search" icon in the lower-left corner of the Windows interface. Then type "Windows Movie Maker" to search. After the search is complete, launch the software.

Windows Movie Maker

2. After running the program, select the "Add videos and photos" item under the "Home" toolbar to add the video.
3. After finding the spin button, rotate and adjust the video angle.  Once you have finished rotating the video, click "Save Movie" to save the rotated video.
Both methods can complete the rotation of the video, please install the rotation tool on PC according to the situation.

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Rotate a Video on PC

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