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How to Convert WLMP to MP4 on Windows

Posted by Aimee , Dec 14, 2020

"I shot some videos on my Xiaomi phone. The MP4 created on the phone was uploaded to my computer for editing. After the videos were trimmed using Windows Live Movie Maker, they were created as .wlmp files. Obviously, this is not MP4. So I can't share the video with my friends or family. How do I convert WLMP to MP4? This has already taken me too much time. Hope someone can help me."
Before converting the video format, you need to understand what a WLMP file is. The WLMP file comes from Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker program. It is not actually a video file, but a project file that contains content such as videos, slideshows, effects, and music. This type of project file cannot be played on Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and other devices. To solve this problem, you can export or convert WLMP to MP4, WMV, and more.

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Export WLMP to other video file formats through Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker supports exporting WLMP to WMV or MP4, which is quite convenient in converting these two video formats.
1. Run the Windows Movie Maker software on the Windows computer.
2. Click "File", then click "Open Project" to import the WLMP file.
3. After importing the WLMP project file, click "File" again. Perform these operations in the "File" menu:
Save Movie > Standard-definition
4. Export the project file to WMV or MP4 format.

Windows Movie Maker

Convert WLMP to MP4 and other Video file extensions without Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker has poor stability and monotonous functions. This is not suitable for intermediate or advanced users. At this point, you need a professional WLMP converter that can convert video formats in batches to save a lot of time. I would recommend you to use RecoveryTool Video Editor. In addition to converting videos to any format in batches, it also has powerful video editing functions to realize video merging, clipping, adding watermarks, and more.
1. After downloading the video editing tool on RecoveryTool to the computer, install it.
2. Run this program on the computer. Then click "Add File" to add the WLMP file.

Add File

Tip: To convert video formats in batches, you can continue to add files.

3. Click the triangle button to the right of "Convert All to", and then select the file format to be converted in the pop-up window. You can choose MP4, WMV, MTV, 3GP, and so on.
4. Tap "Convert All" to convert the video format.

Convert All

According to the above method, you will find that it is very easy to convert the video file extension.

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