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How to Convert WLMP to WMV Online or Offline

Posted by Aimee , Jan 09, 2021

"The Windows Movie Maker pop-up window prompts that the movie is being saved, but this has been going on for several hours and the saving cannot be completed. Why can't I convert WLMP files to WMV files?"
WLMP is a file with a .wlmp extension created by Windows Movie Maker. It looks like a video file, but it is not a valid video file. What's worse is that only Windows Movie Maker can open .wlmp project files. If people want to use iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone, Android tablet, PS2, or other to play this file type, they must convert it to other formats. And WMV is one of the commonly used formats. In this article, we will introduce how to convert WLMP to WMV online or offline.

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Recommended offline method to convert WLMP to WMV

To convert video formats offline, you need to use free or paid third-party software. RecoveryTool Video Editor can easily convert WLMP files to WMV files. This powerful conversion tool can also convert it to other formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV. In addition, this conversion program also has powerful video editing functions.
1. Once the software is downloaded and installed, run it.
2. Click the "Add Files" button in the main interface to load the WLMP file.

Add Files

3. Tap the triangle icon on the right side of "Convert All to" in the main interface of the software, and then click the "WMV" item in the pop-up window.
4. Click "Convert All" to convert WLMP to WMV.


Is it possible to convert WLMP to WMV online?

You can find different online video converters through Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines. But these online tools have the inconvenience and potential risks. The disadvantages are as follows:
1. Only certain video or audio formats can be converted.
2. You need to upload the video file to the website server to complete the video format conversion. This greatly depends on your internet speed. It is not friendly to large video files.
3. After uploading the video, the online video converter server will keep your files. This means that your privacy may be leaked, ideas may be copied or copyright may be infringed.
4. The quality of the files output by each online converter website is different. This is unforeseen.
5. Most websites do not support batch video conversion.

Online Converter Website

Therefore, the online method to convert WLMP files to WMV files is not recommended. It would be better to use a professional video converter.

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